B./G. (Excerpt)

HDV, Single Channel Video, 16:8, Color, Sound, Bateleurish/Gauklerish, 5´30´´

By definition, the “Bateleur” (French) or “Gaukler” (German) was a character from the Middle Ages who performed acrobatic and magic tricks – an artist of the streets and fairs who entertained the public, nomadic and usually an outlaw. The eagle “Bateleur/Gaukler” is surely named for his awkward way of balancing, caused by his short tail. He needs the help of his wings to walk, which makes him appear hesitant, like a tightrope walker. The gesture accompanying his scream reminds one of the action of bowing in front of an audience. Contrary to this burlesque image, in the African savanna from where he originates, he is considered a messenger from another world, a bearer of good or bad omens. A tragic-comic presence, caught between the two roles of an entertaining artist and a visionary creature.


Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky


Bateleur Aleister 

Thanks to Nicolas Géli Responsable Oiseaux Le PAL
With the support of Le Plateau, Paris